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What is the Initial Status Conference?

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When you file for divorce or custody in Colorado, you will be issued a Notice of an Initial Status Conference (or, in some counties, you have to schedule it if you are the Petitioner). The Initial Status Conference is the orientation to your divorce or custody case. Sometimes, you will meet with your judge depending on the county and local practices. Many times, you will meet with an assistant of the Court, known as a Family Court Facilitator or “FCF” for short. The FCF will explain the process of your case and set deadlines for the submission of financials, or to schedule mediation. If both of those are already done in your matter, the FCF can help set your case for a hearing before the judge.

An Initial Status Conference is not a hearing where you present evidence or testimony to the Court. It is an informal call (or sometimes, in-person or virtual appearance). Consider it a sort of “check-in” with the Court to make sure your case is running smoothly.

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Please note that this page is intended to be informational and should not substitute legal advice on your family law matter. Contact us today to discuss options on how to prepare and attend the Initial Status Conference with our award-winning legal services. 

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