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Home » Mediation with Maha: Divorce, Custody, and Child Support in Colorado

Mediation with Maha: Divorce, Custody, and Child Support in Colorado

Looking for mediation in your Colorado divorce, custody, or child support case? We’re here to help you get that sorted out. We’re excited to extend our family law services to include Divorce Mediation with Maha, focused on divorce and Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (also known as “custody”). Mediation is a fantastic, low-stress route to find common ground with your ex-spouse or partner.

If you’re interested in mediating with Maha for your 2-hour or longer mediation session, get in touch. Check her current availability and e-mail us today.

Divorce Mediation with Maha

About Divorce Mediation with Maha:

Meet Maha, our accomplished mediator. She’s not only completed 40 hours of intensive mediation training, but she also brings a decade’s worth of trial experience in family law to the table. But, that’s not all. Maha holds specialized training as a Child and Family Investigator and a Parent Coordinator/Decision-Maker. She also sits on the Colorado Bar Association’s Executive Council for all things mediation (as well as other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution). While she’s ace in the courtroom, she loves helping spouses and parents settle through divorce or custody mediation, in Denver or beyond.

Her creativity as a short story writer and digital artist gives her a distinct advantage in brainstorming effective solutions. With Maha, you can aim to move ahead without the burden and expense of a trial. She’s a pro at sorting out financial disputes and designing innovative solutions for parenting concerns. She’s also down-to-earth and easy to work with.

Our mediation services are affordable and effective. We start our rates at just $75.00/hour per party through the Office of Dispute Resolution, with a court mediation order. Or, you can mediate with Maha at her private rate of $225/hour.

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