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Mediation? What’s that?

If you have a family law case in Colorado, chances are you were ordered to attend mediation through the Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR) or a private mediator. Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to avoid a hearing in front of a judge. Many times, parties in family law don’t talk to each other. They are unaware of how close or far they might be from settling their differences. Mediation is an opportunity to learn the other side’s positions and concerns with the help of a third-party neutral (your mediator).

There are two types of mediation: private and state. The Office of Dispute Resolution contracts mediators throughout the State of Colorado at $75/hour. Mediations are set for 2 hours or $150 per party. Private mediators offer services at varied rates, usually at the ODR rate of $75/hour and $250/hour. Both types of mediators are great! Through our unbundled services and full representation, we assist you with selecting a mediator best for your needs.

Many mediators, including our Firm, offer virtual mediation. Parties are assigned to virtual breakout rooms, and the mediator “hops” between the two rooms to facilitate a conversation. There is no obligation for the parties to meet together. But, they may want to if they think it’ll finalize an agreement! Mediators do not provide legal advice and cannot be subpoenaed to testify at your trial about what happens in mediation. It is a voluntary, confidential process that encourages parties to speak openly and honestly.

We offer mediation on a sliding scale rate, meaning our rates range between the ODR rate of $75/hour per party and $225/hour, depending on income. We encourage you to reach out to us for mediation!

Please note that this page is informational and should not substitute legal advice on your family law matter. Contact us today to discuss options for mediation with our award-winning legal services. 

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