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Urgent Counsel: Meet With Our Family Lawyer

If you’re like most, you’re asking how long your divorce or custody case will take in Colorado. You might be calling lawyers, getting long wait times or crazy retainer fees. Perhaps you’ve been served papers related to alimony or legal separation and are unsure of your next steps. Or, you’re trying to comprehend the ramifications of the length of your marriage and how it impacts your separate property or maintenance obligations. Or maybe you’ve got a handle on things, and need a little guidance on drafting a parenting plan or a separation agreement. Much like an urgent care center for your legal needs, we’re here to provide immediate assistance — via phone or Zoom.

Introducing Urgent Counsel™, an innovative service from the Colorado Family Law Project team. Whenever family law issues call for immediate action, our hourly service gives you access to the expertise of a seasoned Denver family law attorney. We’ll evaluate your circumstances, discuss your available options, and swiftly draft an action plan.

It’s important to note that this service doesn’t include formal representation. We won’t be filing documents or making court appearances on your behalf. Instead, consider us as your immediate legal guide, equipping you with the essential knowledge to navigate your unique situation confidently. Furthermore, the Urgent Counsel rate does not obligate you to our full representation or other services.

Our mission isn’t about pressuring you into hiring us for further representation. Our primary goal is to provide the help you need exactly when you need it.

The Urgent Counsel™ service concludes after your consultation. If you need more comprehensive help down the line, you’re free to hire us for additional unbundled services if it suits your case and we have availability. Our commitment is to provide timely, adaptable legal aid designed to support you through challenging times. We do not offer full representation.

Each Urgent Counsel consultation is priced at $250.00, with a $75.00 cancellation fee for each appointment. Rescheduling is contingent on our attorneys’ availability. Remember, this service doesn’t guarantee that we’ll take your case or represent you. Prior to the consultation, we’ll send you a Consultation Agreement to review and sign. You’ll also need to provide information for a conflict check to ensure we haven’t consulted with anyone else involved in your case before. If there’s a conflict, we reserve the right to cancel the consultation request.

So, how long does it take to get a divorce in Colorado? Like other family law cases, such as custody, it depends. But we’re here to help you in the now. Because when family matters become difficult, you deserve immediate, expert help. Ready to get started? Use the Calendly box below to book your consultation or visit our Calendly website.

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