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What Do Family Lawyers Do: About Us

A happy young girl hangs over her father's shoulder, both beaming with happiness, reflecting the results achieved by the expert family lawyers at the Colorado Family Law Project.

What, exactly, do good family lawyers do? They’re skilled at writing up Separation Agreements and Parenting Plans. They manage mediation and trials, just like us. Do you need a good divorce or custody lawyer in Denver or nearby?  Worried about cost? We can help!

At the Colorado Family Law Project, we offer top-class services at a fraction of the standard cost. You shouldn’t have to risk your home or savings for a divorce or custody case. That’s why we provide sliding-scale services to those in need.

We offer unbundled legal services and full representation to the Colorado community. Our team has experience in:

  1. Divorce
  2. Legal separation
  3. Parenting time, decision-making, and child support
  4. Pre-nuptial agreements
  5. Post-divorce issues, like Separation Agreement enforcement or maintenance orders modification
  6. Child support modification
  7. Guardianship
  8. Registration of foreign decrees.

Our unbundled or Urgent Counsel services suit those who prefer self-representation. You can book hourly consultations with our skilled attorneys. With these services, we’re not officially representing you. However, rest assured that we’ll empower you with tools and information to better represent yourself.

For those who prefer the whole package, we offer full legal representation. With a modest retainer, you’ll have an attorney representing you at all stages.

 Let’s discuss your case and our services in a free 15-minute phone call.  We prioritize our BIPOC and LGBTQ+ friends. Start your resolution journey with a low-cost Denver family lawyer today. They’ll help you navigate the least resistant path to your new life chapter.

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