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Appeal a Family Court Order in Colorado

Grandmother showing love to her granddaughter with a nose kiss, capturing a peaceful moment amid the process of appealing a family law court order in Colorado.

Trying to appeal a family court order in Colorado? Don’t worry; we are here to help. Family law cases are tough, and sometimes judges don’t get some parts of your case right. This might include a support calculation or property allocation mix-up or ordering parenting time to the wrong parent. Or maybe key pieces of evidence were overlooked or left out at trial. We enjoy arguing family law cases before the Colorado Court of Appeals. Our firm provides unique, sliding scale appellate services in the Denver metro area, focusing on divorce, allocation of parental responsibilities (custody), and child support.

Family law appeals are complex and take a long time, but you don’t have to shy away from one or give up. We’re here to help. Be prepared for the long run – to appeal a family law court order in Colorado, be prepared that it usually takes at least a year, if not more. And many times, they’re too costly. We’re coming up with creative, affordable ways for Coloradans to have better access to the appellate process with their family law court orders.

Right now, we offer a basic appeal service that includes a case review and the necessary briefing for filing and defending an appeal. This rate might increase for additional services like an oral argument. Our service makes the complex process of appealing manageable and financially accessible. If you’re looking for a lawyer to review your court order issued in Colorado, and tell you what we think, we offer unbundled services for that too!

The appeal process might seem long and complicated, but our dedicated team will guide you through it. Reach out to us today to discuss your case and apply for our fixed rate appeal bundle. Get the expertise you need to navigate this critical aspect of family law in Colorado.

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