I had been working with a previous lawyer find and then somehow along the way communication started to take a week in between. It was so close to being close to my initial court date that I was worried at this point I would not have a lawyer that would be able to help me through it. Luckily after asking to be switched to Maha that all changed. She really helped me during the final most stressful weeks of my case. She was firm, gave me direct answers, and any question that I asked was responded to always in 24 hours or less. This is important during cases like this because you can really feel overwhelmed and just lost. It is also so great that they have a different fee structure to meet different needs. It proves that they are just as committed to their clients and getting them help anyway they can. That’s an invaluable asset. If anything else comes up again with my case, I am reaching out to Maha first to continue to be that voice that can get me calm and help me face whatever issues come my way.