O.N., Denver County

Maha just got done wrapping up a case for me that I was fighting for a year. She is great in the court room, is professional and goes for what she believes in. Considering the position I was put in, Maha got the best deal for me. She was clear cut on the process, what the costs would be and what she was trying to accomplish. She was a great counsel and when needed, a great motivator. She really believes in what she is fighting for. She is also easy to get a hold of when needed. I definitely had given up all hope on my case but once I pulled Maha on, I knew there was going to be an end in sight, an end that would work out for me and my son. I can’t thank her enough. She helped me get my rights back, and helped my son get his father back.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.