Completing Your Sworn Financial Statement and Mandatory Disclosures

[Photo Credit: www.SeniorLiving.Org]
[Photo Credit: www.SeniorLiving.Org]
Did you know that you’re required to submit a Sworn Financial Statement in Colorado? Completing and submitting the Sworn Financial Statement, Mandatory Disclosures and Certificate of Compliance are a critical step in your family law case. The Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure (specifically, Rule 16.2) require that you submit these documents. You may face sanctions from the Court for failure to comply with this step. So, in order to help you keep your ducks in a row, we’ve prepared a simple checklist to help you out.

It is also available in PDF format by clicking here.

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  • Get your financials together. You are required to disclose financial documents to the other party, in addition to completing a Financial Statement.
  • Use your financial documents to fill out your Financial Statement. Make sure that you are honest about the numbers you report on your Statement. No bloating numbers and no exaggerating your expenses. Everything you report on your Statement must be verifiable by supporting documentation.
  • Send your financial documents to the other party (or his or her lawyer). You are required to send the required documents to the other side. Be mindful of deadlines to disclose.
  • Complete a Certificate of Compliance for your Mandatory Disclosures. Once you’ve sent the documents to the other side, you need to complete this Certificate for the Court. The Certificate lets the Court know you actually disclosed the documents. Do not file the actual financial documents!
  • File the Statement and Certificate of Compliance with the Court. Make sure that you file your documents with the Court before the deadline.

This is meant to be a guide and not intended as legal advice. If you need help with any of these steps, schedule a 1 hour consultation with us!  We’ll help you make sure everything’s in order before you disclose and file.